Welcome to Unity, an interactive tool designed to support people living with HIV (PLHIV).

The Unity tool, is an interactive tool created by ViiV Healthcare in partnership with Health Care Professionals (HCP) and Patient Advisory Groups (PAGs).

It has been designed to support people living with HIV (PLHIV) during health appointments in having a more comprehensive conversation about their health and wellbeing. Unity helps PLHIV build a picture of their current quality of life, whilst highlighting any concerns they may have.

There are three main parts to the tool : the Questionnaire, the Appointment Guide and the Information Centre.

The tool builds an Appointment Guide that PLHIV can take to their health care professional (HCP), facilitating a better conversation about multiple aspects of their quality of life and care. PLHIV complete this tool online, where the Appointment Guide is created as a PDF that can be saved and/or printed to support a discussion at their next appointment.

The questionnaire was designed for one-off completion ahead of an appointment but repeat completion may be useful to allow PLHIV and their clinicians to track progress and the evolution of their wellbeing over time.

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